Once we discuss your ideas and need for your website, we will design and provide you with a rough sketch of your site. At this point, we may ask that you pay one-third of the cost to continue development. You will be invited to view an initial draft of your site and you may request some changes. By getting your feedback at this stage, we ensure that you will be satisfied with your completed web site.

After the web site design is completed, you can choose our to use our hosting service where we will put your site online, completing the process for you. If you choose to host elsewhere, the html files are delivered to you on disk for you to use as you wish. You own them with no strings attached.

Internet Package

The internet package is a one-time process required if you choose to host your site with us. It includes acquiring and configuring your chosen domain name and email addresses, and installing your website on our host. This completes the process - your site is ready for viewing.


If you choose to host your site with us, we complete the online process for you. Simply open your brower, type in your domain name, and go to your new website. Hosting includes 4 minor text or image modifications (15 min or less) per year so that you can update your site periodically to advertise current functions, sales, etc. If your site requires more regular or extensive modifications, we are happy to set up a maintenance contract.

Shopping Carts

We can business sites with a shopping cart as part of our Professional Package - additional charges will apply. Please contact us to discuss your needs and receive a custom bid.

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